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Public Member Functions

gdf::ChannelDataBase Class Reference

Base class that provides access to channels of different types. More...

#include <ChannelDataBase.h>

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Public Member Functions

virtual void addSample (const int8)
virtual void addSample (const uint8)
virtual void addSample (const uint32)
virtual void addSample (const int64)
virtual void addSample (const int16)
virtual void addSample (const uint64)
virtual void addSample (const float32)
virtual void addSample (const uint16)
virtual void addSample (const float64)
virtual void addSample (const int32)
virtual void blitSamples (const uint16 *, const size_t)
virtual void blitSamples (const int32 *, const size_t)
virtual void blitSamples (const uint32 *, const size_t)
virtual void blitSamples (const int64 *, const size_t)
virtual void blitSamples (const uint64 *, const size_t)
virtual void blitSamples (const float32 *, const size_t)
virtual void blitSamples (const float64 *, const size_t)
virtual void blitSamples (const int8 *, const size_t)
virtual void blitSamples (const uint8 *, const size_t)
virtual void blitSamples (const int16 *, const size_t)
virtual void clear ()=0
 Reset read and write positions.
virtual void fill (const float64, const size_t)
virtual void fill (const uint16, const size_t)
virtual void fill (const int8, const size_t)
virtual void fill (const uint8, const size_t)
virtual void fill (const int16, const size_t)
virtual void fill (const float32, const size_t)
virtual void fill (const int32, const size_t)
virtual void fill (const uint32, const size_t)
virtual void fill (const int64, const size_t)
virtual void fill (const uint64, const size_t)
virtual void fromstream (std::istream &in)=0
virtual size_t getFree ()=0
 Get number of free samples.
virtual uint16 getSample (size_t, uint16)
virtual float64 getSample (size_t, float64)
virtual int32 getSample (size_t, int32)
virtual uint32 getSample (size_t, uint32)
virtual int8 getSample (size_t, int8)
virtual int16 getSample (size_t, int16)
virtual uint8 getSample (size_t, uint8)
virtual int64 getSample (size_t, int64)
virtual float32 getSample (size_t, float32)
virtual uint64 getSample (size_t, uint64)
virtual size_t getWritten ()=0
 Get number of written samples.
virtual void setSample (size_t, int64)
virtual void setSample (size_t, int32)
virtual void setSample (size_t, float32)
virtual void setSample (size_t, uint16)
virtual void setSample (size_t, uint32)
virtual void setSample (size_t, int16)
virtual void setSample (size_t, int8)
virtual void setSample (size_t, uint8)
virtual void setSample (size_t, float64)
virtual void setSample (size_t, uint64)
virtual void tostream (std::ostream &out)=0

Detailed Description

Base class that provides access to channels of different types.

Meant only for internal use. This class provides overloaded access functions for each data type supported in gdf. The actual implementation of ChannelData must reimplement access functions for it's data type.

Definition at line 34 of file ChannelDataBase.h.

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