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gdf::EventHeader Class Reference

Class that provides access to GDF events. More...

#include <EventHeader.h>

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Public Member Functions

void addEvent (const Mode1Event &ev)
 Add a Mode 1 Event.
void addEvent (const Mode3Event &ev)
 Add a Mode 3 Event.
void clear ()
 Clears all Events.
 EventHeader ()
void fromStream (std::istream &stream)
void getEvent (uint32 index, Mode1Event &ev)
 Returns a Mode 1 Event.
void getEvent (uint32 index, Mode3Event &ev)
 Returns a Mode 3 Event.
uint8 getMode ()
 returns event mode
std::vector< Mode1EventgetMode1Events () const
 Returns all Mode 1 Events.
std::vector< Mode3EventgetMode3Events () const
 Returns all Mode 3 Events.
uint32 getNumEvents ()
 Number of events.
float32 getSamplingRate ()
 returns sampling rate
void setMode (uint8 mode)
 Set Event Mode.
void setSamplingRate (float32 fs)
 Set Sampling Rate associated with event positions.
void sort ()
 Sort Events by position.
void toStream (std::ostream &stream)
virtual ~EventHeader ()

Private Attributes

float32 m_efs
uint8 m_mode
std::vector< Mode1Eventm_mode1
 sampling rate associated with event positions
std::vector< Mode3Eventm_mode3

Detailed Description

Class that provides access to GDF events.

Definition at line 49 of file EventHeader.h.

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