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void gdf::RecordBuffer::handleChannelFull ( const size_t  channel_idx )

Called when a channel becomes full.

This function advances the write pointer m_channelhead for this channel to the next record. If there is no next record, a new one is created. Also checks if the current record is full and performs calls the respective handler.

Definition at line 82 of file RecordBuffer.cpp.

References handleRecordFull(), and gdf::Record::isFull().

Referenced by addSamplePhys(), addSampleRaw(), blitSamplesPhys(), and blitSamplesRaw().

        //std::cout << "Channel Full" << std::endl;
        Record *r = *m_channelhead[channel_idx];
        if( r->isFull() )
            handleRecordFull( );

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Here is the caller graph for this function:

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