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void gdf::RecordBuffer::addRecord ( Record r )

Add a complete Record.

There may not be any partial records in the buffer in order to add a complete record.

Definition at line 153 of file RecordBuffer.cpp.

References getNumPartialRecords().

Referenced by gdf::Writer::addRecord().

        if( getNumPartialRecords( ) > 0 )
            throw exception::invalid_operation( "RecordBuffer::addRecord called, but buffer contains partial records." );
        m_records_full.push_back( r );

        std::list<RecordFullHandler*>::iterator it = m_recfull_callbacks.begin( );
        for( ; it != m_recfull_callbacks.end(); it++ )
            (*it)->triggerRecordFull( m_records_full.back() );

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